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Jetboads Triple Combo | Jetboard, Flyboars & Hoverboard | 1.5Hour Session

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  • Latest in Extreme Watersports and an experience like no other
  • Jetboards allow the freedom to carve on the water without a boat, waves, wake or wind
  • Generally available only to the rich and famous on super yatch's but now in Queenstown
  • Be in control of your experience on the lake 
  • Be one of the first in New Zealand to experience the latest craze that is hoverboarding
  • Imagine it as surfing, flying, snowboarding, wakeboarding on the water.
  • The hoverboards are great for performing awesome aerial maneuvers like flips and cork screws
  • Flyboarding allows you to feel like an action here or swim through the water like a dolphin or mermaid
  • Tick off three bucketlist experiences 
  • Record the experience on a hired go pro
  • Great for snowboarders and surfers or other watersport enthusiasts but just as much fun to pick up with no experience
  • Arrival at Frankton Marina and met by Jetboards NZ staff
  • Wetsuit fitting and watching short induction video
  • Safety Briefing and Onshore Training (15-mins)
  • 30-min Jetboard Experience on the water with instructor accompanying you on a Jet Ski as required
  • 45-min Flyboard& Hoverboard Experience first gaining confidence on the Flyboard before attempting the Hoverboard
  • Towel provided after experience 
  • Departure 

Open 7-days a week (subject to availibility) from 1 December 2015 - 31 March 2016.

Departures/Pickups from town are $20 pp as per Water Taxi schedule from Steamer Wharf, Beach Street

From $322.00

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Jetboads Triple Combo | Jetboard, Flyboars & Hoverboard | 1.5Hour Session
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