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Pursuit Adventure Tours | The Outrageous Wellington Challenge

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Discover Wellington in the funniest, most affordable and most importanltyOUTRAGEOUSwayPOSSIBLE!

Dr. Outragoues has put together his favourite places in Wellington into really fun physical and creative challenges. 

Of course you'll see all the essentials, like -

  • The Cable Car. (FREE)
  • Wicked Bars.
  • Te Papa.
  • The Botanic Gardens.
  • And, History stuff.

Plus, lots more hidden gems!

All of this is super cheap plus you get a heap of freebies. For $14.00 you'll get aFREE BEER, aFREE SHOTand aFREE CABLE CAR RIDE. Worth $15!!!

Using only your phone your team will get sent instructions of the where they have to go and what they've gotta do! It might be tkaing a tricky photo or asking a local to help you out.... It's lots of fun and everyone who does it LOVES it.

'...The best way to spend a day here...'- Hans, Germany.

'That was wicked - we loves the nooks and crannies"- Jemma, England.

"The funnest way to see all of Wellignton' -Karissa, England.

So come, grab your camera, your map, your comfortable shoes and your camera, and, conquer Wellington like a BOSS!

From $43.00

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Pursuit Adventure Tours | The Outrageous Wellington Challenge Discover Wellington! It has many interesting points and places to see and to do! Discover it like a local!
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